Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean


Set up a self-hosted Ghost site from $5/month.

Dan Rowden

Not a developer?
Get a Ghost blog set up on Digital Ocean for a one-off $59 at

Digital Ocean, a hosting company, offer a one-click Ghost installation. This is more involved than a managed host like Ghost(Pro) as you run the server and have to set up Ghost yourself. As a trade off for not having someone else manage the server, you pay far less per month.

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The good

Cheaper than most other hosts

Flexible hosting as you control everything

Free to download and install the Ghost software

No limits on members, staff users or page views

Great documentation for anyone who needs assistance

The bad

If you haven't run servers before, you may need to ask someone for help

No automatic Ghost updates (though it's quick to do yourself)


Servers start at $5/month, with no limits on members, staff users or page views because you own the server.